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Why Everyone Is Talking About International Real Estate Transactions

The Web transformed numerous facets of real estate however arguably the most affected ended up being the capability for real estate agents selling foreign real estate, to attain a larger more diverse portion of investor devoid of much trouble.

As such real estate professionals have come to depend greatly on the Internet for lots of things nevertheless this is especially the way it is when it comes to finding potential international real estate investors.

Foreign home buyers acquired $153 billion of USA residential real estate in the twelve months through February 2017, a jump of just about 50% from the last twelve months and over 10 percent of the market by sales volume! Considering that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is stating the above stats then undoubtedly you must agree with the fact that the international client is worthy of consideration whenever selling real estate.

Quite possibly the most appealing aspect to dealing with international clients, from the broker’s viewpoint, is transactions including an international client usually return greater commission rates. Then you will find the stats stating that of all international buyers, a large number of them are well-off individuals planning to increase their money in foreign real estate opportunities.

However do not for a moment assume that entering this market is simple. It is really not!

At Galvan Real Estate Services, we had a particularly difficult time isolating our audience of international buyers to San Pancho, Mexico where we operate. It took at least 2 years for us to finally get the ball rolling in a consistent manner. Claims Armando.

Attaining this sector of the marketplace nonetheless will entail alleviating some obstacles like language and currency exchange to name a few. Routinely though lots of foreign buyers are not likely to invest in a country without at least some sort of homework and having strategies positioned to prevent any “lost in translation” issues.

realtorChina dominates the news all over the world when considering international business and in real estate this is especially valid given the data displays that of the overall sales volume in the USA to international investors, China maintains fifty percent of that. All even with limitations like language and cultural variances.

Lets discuss the best way to enter this segment of the real estate segment.

CPROP’s end to end digital transaction administration system is made to expose real estate agents to international leads and help them securely and transparently close deals.

The start-up utilizes blockchain to confirm and document activities relating to deeds and closing documentation. In addition it intends to create a powerful, user vetted trained network by providing its utility tokens to buyers and sellers who leave ratings and analysis of the broker, agent or agency they utilize on the platform.

In simple terms it uses technology to improve the sales process of agencies, from the beginning of a deal to conclusion. We will set out a few methods any real estate professionals might maneuver in to this market sector.

Sign Up For A Crystal Clear International Program

At this point do not go believing it’s going to be easy to break in to the international real estate segment. Any agents wanting to become participants in the international real estate forum, should begin their research by identifying online venues where possible investors and sellers may get together. Once uncovered…join the conversation and earn trust in the community.

If the platform features a professional directory with unfiltered consumer ratings and reviews plus automated translations, better yet.

Think Trust And Safety

A long-distance deal, especially amongst persons in different countries, could possibly be a course for miscommunication plus, in the worst cases, fraud.

On a daily basis at our company CRREC where we focus on selling Costa Rica properties, we’e thankfully had success with our attraction of international buyers.

Planning is paramount to winning international real estate deals and included in preparing you must consider trust and security.

The world recently has-been introduced to a great brand-new way of protecting transactions over the internet. Block-chain technology has permanently changed the way we exchange money electronically. Block chain enables real estate contracts to be so heavily protected that thwarts any changes be undiscovered.

“What is more, another awesome benefit to utilizing crypto money in transactions is the security for the investor in knowing their cash is secure.” says experienced English speaking lawyer in Costa Rica, Fernando Lopez.

Seek Out Trustworthy, Streamlined Cooperation

Closing offers with national investors is hard enough, however when investors are from outside the country, real estate professionals have to take even greater attention to ensure a smooth transaction.

Understanding the majority of the moving parts to your expected clients, leads and contracts is crucial to your triumph. Are you aware of the real time status of individuals in your pipeline right this moment? If not you really should.

Consider this though, as an agent dealing in foreign transactions, would it not be useful to have a SaaS program that handled all the digital facets from start to finish for any kind of international real estate contract? Transactional openness spanning any real estate trade is essential however partner that with a technology that can simplify your flow including verifying security, would eternally transform the sector.

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Real Estate Marketing Trends 2018

With the Real Estate market reaching its historic highs, everyone including in the market, especially realtors are looking forward to capitalize the opportunities presented by the growth in the industry. With the increased competition, everyone is trying to get an upper hand on their competitors by using different methods and techniques to make sure they attract the most number of customers.
Marketing played a very important part in Real Estate market in 2017 as many realtors used different marketing techniques to get the maximum number of clients. We saw plenty of innovation for marketing in Real Estate, like the use of new technology, applying different methodologies to attract the right customer according to business needs and improvising the old marketing tools which have proved to be successful in the past.

Now let’s discuss some trends we are expecting to see in the Real Estate market in 2018.

Social Media:
Social Media has been used by most of the markets to attract the customer, and same is the case with the Real Estate market. Social media allows to target the customers effectively and can help tract the return on investment. A Facebook ad campaign can be a lot accurate and effective as compared to traditional marketing tools due to the increased usage of the social media site in the recent times.

Content Marketing:
The process of creating valuable, high-quality content to attract and engage a customer or an audience is known as content marketing and this has been a major tool used my marketers in the Real Estate market in 2017 and it surely will be utilized in 2018. Blogs, articles, Newsletters and case studies have been a few tools used for content marketing and in a market like Real Estate, the customer wants to get as much information as he/she can. So content marketing helps to provide them with enough content to help them make up their mind to make a purchase decision.

Traditional Marketing:
In a world of advanced technology, there are some traditional marketing tools which can never be ignored and they have always proven to be effective regardless of the new technological developments. A flyer or a brochure for example, is still an effective way to target the right customer and they are still preferred by the audience in order to get the information they need for their purchasing decision.

So these were some trends that we expect to see in the Real Estate Market in 2018. …

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Real estate photography tips to best showcase your listings

A picture can tell quite a story and with today’s advanced technology there are so many ways to present a property using various methods to showcase the properties best features and dressing up the not-so-good spots with some creative decorating designed to trigger a potential buyer imagination.


Here are some real estate photography tips from real estate photographers to help create beautiful listings:

  1. Hire a professional
    If budget allows for it, the best solution is always to hire an experienced professional real estate agent photographer. If you want your listings to stand out and be noticed, especially those sole mandate high-end properties, taking pictures with a smart device or a small digital camera is not going to cut it.  As with painting, photography is an art and as such needs an artist wielding the correct equipment to create the perfect picture.
  2. Invest in a high-end camera

Speak to the professionals and find out which are best suited to your needs.  Be sure to ask about 360-degree photography.  Find out where you can get a course in how best to use the camera, so you can fully understand and utilize the various features it affords you ensuring you get the most out of the camera.  It is best to find out what accessories you may need to capture various shots and videos, etc.

  1. 3D Listing presentations

A “virtual tour” of the house is the easiest way to draw buyers as it enables them to see the house from different angles without them feeling they are intruding on the owner’s privacy as well as giving them the freedom to take their time to look.

  1. Use the light and create space
    Not many people want to live in a dark place, create a light spacious look to rooms by using natural light and limit objects in your pictures.



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Is hand-to-hand marketing a thing of the past?

The old-school style of media marketing was getting leaflets and or pamphlets printed off and having them distributed by various means.  With the correct visual correlation and eye-catching graphics, a leaflet can be a valuable tool.


There are pros and cons to this kind of hand-to-hand marketing such as:


  • Capture your targeted audiences by stuffing mailboxes, passing them out in shopping centers and busy street corners. This gives you the advantage of digital marketing as it could potentially reach customers that digital marketing cannot.
  • A well-designed leaflet or brochure is accessible to a person even when the internet is down, or your phone battery runs out in that awkward moment you need it the most so for promotional marketing they make a lot more sense. Good color combinations and fonts that stand out always catch the eye
  • The cost less especially if you can print them and distribute them yourself.
  • They are an old reliable form of marketing that has been around for decades and most people will just take one if you hand it to them or glance over it when they go to their post boxes which still potentially catches their attention


  • Unless the leaflet jumps out at you most people tend to ignore them and ditch them as physical junk mail.
  • As they can be crumpled up and thrown away without so much as a glance they do not tend to have a lasting impression.
  • Even when they are read they are just thrown away, so they are easily disposed of.
  • Can sometimes have a negative adverse effect on a person
  • Could be construed as an excessive miss-use of paper especially in a time when everything is “going green”!

To sum it up

Hand-to-hand marketing if done correctly can still be a valuable tool, especially for the real estate market.  Reaches were social media cannot.…

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Never underestimate the power and great potential benefits of email marketing!

With the rise of social media marketing and social media marketing agencies popping up all over the place it is natural to come to the assumption that email marketing is about to become a thing of the past if not so already!

What is the adage about “assume” – email marketing is very much alive and well if not stronger than ever not to mention may just be one of the most profitable forms of marketing.  Email is a better ROI than normal media as is a lot cheaper with greater out-reach potential.


Here are 5 potential benefits of email marketing for your real estate business:

  1. Email marketing puts you in control of your targeted audience, the as and when of the email communication. You have custom filters you can set on any email to ensure delivery, read receipts, etc.  The only rules to follow are the CAN-SPAM act  of which we have included the link to the Spam Laws website for your convenience
  2. As email is targeted it makes it more personal and gives you a chance to interact with your customer on a more personal level giving you the potential to forge strong relationships with them.
  3. Your emails are easily customizable per targeted audience allowing your company to split email messages on a one to one basis or group basis. Email allows you to pitch the property to two different sets of potential buyers customized to their needs.
  4. If statistics are to be believed more people make use of email than any other forms of media. More businesses use email than other social media applications and it is estimated that there will be over 5 billion email account by end of 2018.  And getting an email is almost like getting a special greeting card, no matter who it is from, we all like to see that “unread” message in our inbox it affects us on almost an intimate level.
  5. Simply put Email is still the number one tool for digital marketing!
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