The old-school style of media marketing was getting leaflets and or pamphlets printed off and having them distributed by various means.  With the correct visual correlation and eye-catching graphics, a leaflet can be a valuable tool.


There are pros and cons to this kind of hand-to-hand marketing such as:


  • Capture your targeted audiences by stuffing mailboxes, passing them out in shopping centers and busy street corners. This gives you the advantage of digital marketing as it could potentially reach customers that digital marketing cannot.
  • A well-designed leaflet or brochure is accessible to a person even when the internet is down, or your phone battery runs out in that awkward moment you need it the most so for promotional marketing they make a lot more sense. Good color combinations and fonts that stand out always catch the eye
  • The cost less especially if you can print them and distribute them yourself.
  • They are an old reliable form of marketing that has been around for decades and most people will just take one if you hand it to them or glance over it when they go to their post boxes which still potentially catches their attention


  • Unless the leaflet jumps out at you most people tend to ignore them and ditch them as physical junk mail.
  • As they can be crumpled up and thrown away without so much as a glance they do not tend to have a lasting impression.
  • Even when they are read they are just thrown away, so they are easily disposed of.
  • Can sometimes have a negative adverse effect on a person
  • Could be construed as an excessive miss-use of paper especially in a time when everything is “going green”!

To sum it up

Hand-to-hand marketing if done correctly can still be a valuable tool, especially for the real estate market.  Reaches were social media cannot.